Indie lingerie brand Uye Surana continues to innovate with a new product line, handmade in NYC.
Everyone deserves comfort, support & beauty.
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Women everywhere know that mass-market bras are full of problems, from the restricted size range, poor fits, and constant discomfort with...
  • wires poking
  • straps slipping or digging
  • cups spilling
  • bands sliding & riding...
If you wear a bra, you get it. Because you've definitely owned at least one awful bra that just made your day worse, and certainly didn't help how you felt about yourself. Full bust women deal with the added struggle to find pretty, delightful options in their size -- if they can even find their size at all. 

Because of this, bralettes -- with their breezy fit, comfortable fabrics, and decorative accents -- have soared 120% in sales in 2016 alone.

But because they're sized like a shirt and often lack the adjustable features and closures that improve the fit of even the most basic bra, lots of women still have problems with them.

Uye Surana is an indie brand that fixes all of those problems.

Uye Surana (pronounced “you sur-AH-nah”) is an indie lingerie brand designed by Monica Wesley. We have been working to innovate in this space by developing bralettes that are designed to fit everybody, using patent-pending support technology and excellent craftsmanship. Wesley began the brand when she realized that most women lacked practical, comfort-based options that fit their lifestyle -- and were beautiful and enjoyable to wear.

Last year, our Kickstarter campaign to grow our size range (encompassing band and cup sizes 28A through 42G) overfunded within less than a week. We successfully brought the best of bras & bralettes to the market in one garment.


Now, we're fulfilling more of our goals by bringing customers an option that's easy to size and actually fits.

Our brand is centered around not just providing options for women of all sizes and ethnicities, but representing them as well. To showcase that, we photographed the new styles on seven different models.

Our new Easy Fit Bralette features a pared-down sizing system, without sacrificing support. We added:

  • an ultra-adjustable wrap band, so that women throughout all cup sizes can adapt their bralette to provide the best fit and security
  • Seven sizes (XS - 3XL) cover over 40 bra sizes securely and comfortably
  • All sizes will be ready to ship from our studio in four colorways this fall
  • Custom sizing for women outside of that range or who have specialized fit needs is available now for no extra charge
  • We've also brought the price down from our usual offerings, starting from a competitive $45 -- a handmade, ethically produced option priced on par with large retailers.
  • The styles have been photographed on seven different models, spanning a range of sizes & ethnicities

The lookbook, like many of our images, features a blend of professional models, friends, and customers, all styled in the same ethereal and dreamy way.

We present a combination of DSLR & iPhone images blended with model selfies to get that across -- we are women designing for women, and portraying them the way they want to feel and want to be seen. Customers are praising the security and worry-free comfort already! One customer wrote:

"It was so comfortable that I didn't have to think about it at all...I really appreciate that US is trying to make quality, ethical, and beautiful lingerie more accessible."

Many brands are exploring body positivity, but struggle to both provide as well as actually represent solutions that work across sizes and the customers who need them.

Some photograph models who don't actually wear a size they offer; others portray their wide size range on one size.

We work to fully incorporate a diverse spread of our true size range, across several ethnicities, so we have pushed ourselves to cast our images widely and inclusively. All of the models portrayed in our lookbook are wearing exactly the size they would buy if they were shopping with us, and together they represent many of the women who shop with us.

If you are interested in covering this campaign, we are pleased to offer:

  • Product gifting opportunities 
  • Samples available in all sizes (XS - 3XL) 
  • Appointments at our studio/showroom
  • Deskside meetings & other alternatives

Get in touch with us about any of the above. We can also send more information or images on request. This release is available by PDF for your convenience on request as well.

thoughts from the designer

"For some time now, I've heard so many women say that they don't feel like they can wear bralettes. So initially, I began fitting women in our band-cup sized bralettes in sizes A-H. I fit a combination of friends and customers. The fitting process allows us to really listen to the different fit needs that women have across our sizes and design with that in mind. The result is our super supportive fit.

However, while many women prefer our "bra sized" offerings, we realized that plenty of customers still need another option.  Despite the problems with most S/M/L sized bralettes -- the bands running too big or too small for each person's size -- they do make shopping easier and more comfortable for lots of women. Not everyone is certain of their bra size, or maybe their size fluctuates a lot, or maybe they don't enjoy measuring themselves.

Even if someone is covered by traditionally sized bralettes, they still lack features like closures and adjusters that preserve the support and elastic for as long as possible. We realized that we could develop a design that made this simplified sizing system actually work and give each woman a personalized fit, that she can continue to adjust to her own body and wear over time.

It's important to us that we cover every fit issue experienced by every woman who shops with us, and that we convey inclusivity through our brand imagery. So for our Simply Beautiful lookbook, which features the new Easy Fit styles, we cast seven different models spanning a range of sizes and ethnicities. We strive to feature many different kinds of women using our dreamy editorial style, so that everyone is portrayed feeling comfortable & beautiful. We find that this resonates really strongly with lots of different women."

- Monica Wesley
Designer, founder, and owner of Uye Surana

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