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We've created silk scarves available in hand-dyed Little Houses print or Heart Motif print, which we thought would be perfect to use as a beach coverup or to add interest to any look!


Keep it simple! Fold your scarf diagonally in half. Follow the arrows to tie a double-knot. Put your head through the loop, securing the knot at your back neck.


Make it a halter! Following the diagram in the next set of images,  put the first knot over your head securing the knot at your back neck. Tie the second knot at your back waist.


Add interest! Tie the first knot and secure the tie over your shoulder. Wrap the free ends across your torso tying the second knot at your side.


Make it a shrug! Follow the arrows to tie two double-knots at each side. Put your arms through both loops.


Use it as a coverup! Wrap scarf around your body and tie a double-knot at the top of your shoulder. Add another scarf or belt at the waist for a more polished dress-look.



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