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Luxe Lounge Inspiration


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Ok, maybe it's not that we need inspiration to relax, but more like a gentle reminder to enjoy spending time winding down from a busy day. We recently received some lovely photos with one of our favorite fashion bloggers, Abi Saurez from The Pineapple Tea.

We love how she styled our Luxe Eyelash Bra -- highlighting both its beauty and comfort while at her stay at the Hotel Chavanel in Paris.

Hotel Chavanel in Paris

Monochromatic shades and fresh flowers create a relaxing environment.

Abi Saurez's The Pineapple Tea in Uye Surana Bra

Abi Saurez's The Pineapple Tea in Uye Surana Bra

Abi reminds us that the Luxe Eyelash Bra is not only a beautiful piece, but also sooo comfortable.

Uye Surana Luxe Eyelash Bra in Black or White

While our Luxe Eyelash Bra comes in some stunning colors, let's not forget what an essential role Black and White play in building our lingerie wardrobe. Note the styles above are lined in Nude Rose (which we can do upon request) for a lingerie as outerwear appeal.

What do you think of how Abi styles our bra? Would you prefer to wear it lounging, as innerwear or as outerwear? 




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