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We love this time of year for so many reasons, but festival season is a big one! Getting ready for an event you’ve been looking forward to for months is always exciting, but even more so when you get to break out your best style – sheer fabrics, bright colors, and unusual combinations. Here’s our style guide for how to incorporate both trends and timelessness into your look for Coachella, Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball and the rest of the them.

Balance shapes with classic fabrics & colors
The longline bra & boyfriend jeans

For a classic look, pair a crisp white bra with equally fresh denim. Choose a bralette that has crop top coverage and bra support for an effortless, no-bulk feeling on a hot summer day. The Lined Luxe Eyelash Bra is the perfect pick for this – the longline cut and wide silk band complement mid- or high-waist jeans and denim pieces especially well. We picked our favorite pair of denim shortsa classic festival favorite.


Lined Luxe Eyelash Bra & Vintage Levi's Denim Shorts


The pairing actually helps sculpt and define a figure, without being too contoured. They help accent and flatter any exposed waist by adding visual weight to opposing areas – the lace accents draw the eye towards the bust, and the darker, thicker fabric of the denim contrasts with white nicely to pull attention to the hips while also minimizing them. 

When it gets colder as the night goes on, we’d throw on our Crossed Heart Longsleeve Pullover. The gorgeous drapery not only reveals the other pieces of your ensemble, it also allows for generous mobility so you can feel free and unrestricted as you take pictures and dance your heart out. The high-low hem gives the visual appeal of your shorts, but covers from the back as night falls and the temperature drops.


Keep the rest of your styling simple – strappy sandals, and a few accent accessories like a delicate chain, baubly bracelets or a feminine hair accessory.


Play with sheer textiles & vintage-inspired glamour
The boho robe and floral lace dress

We don’t think you have to go all-out Woodstock to cultivate a look in keeping with festival fashion trends. For the girl who enjoys a polished aesthetic, we recommend taking inspiration from earlier decades’ flowing, sheer free spirited vibes and pairing it with sharp accessories and intricate details.

The centerpiece of this look is our Sheer Luxe Robe – it’s hands-down our favorite layering piece for summer. The graphic rose lace and eyelash lace trim add a hint of glamour that dresses up even casual pieces. At the same time, it’s so lightweight and breathable that it adds no extra bulk to your outfit. Plus, its flowy shape is excellent for capturing a cool breeze or an Instagram-ready #ootd picture.


Sheer Luxe Robe


Underneath, we paired our Slinky Slip in black with a matching Luxe Lohla Bra. Keeping your color scheme monochrome allows you to get away with mixing patterns and shapes – we loved how the overlapping lace patterns created a unique cutout effect on the bust here, without looking too busy.

Slinky Slip & Luxe Lohla Bra



Varying opacities in one outfit add a subtle intrigue, and gives you a lot of control over how much skin you reveal while staying cool. To add some cool factor to this ultra-feminine ensemble, we also threw on our favorite hat – another wardrobe staple that looks great and keeps your eyes and skin safe from that all-day festival sun.


Mix and match feminine & cool nonchalance
The denim jacket and two-piece set

Summer is the best time of the year to play with bright colors, in our opinion. For this look, we wanted to highlight the beautiful shades of orchid and sunset pink that permeate our new collectiondreamy pastels and brights that are inspired by the season.


Our Dreamy Flutter Shorts are an undeniable favorite – they’ve got all the comfort and mobility of your favorite low-maintenance lounge shorts, but all the feminine flow of a pretty skirt. We dolled it up even more with our Luxe Eyelash Bra in Orchid – the two together have the put-together effect of a co-ordinate set without being too matchy. The pair is a flirty, sporty update on the ever-popular crop-top and skirt combination.

Luxe Eyelash Bra & Dreamy Flutter Shorts


Finally, we toned it back down with a simple and
casual oversized denim shirt. The slouchiness complements the flow of the shorts, & the menswear influence also balances out the femininity of the orchid set nicely.

All put together, the shape it creates on the body is coherent like a dress, but with the added
playfulness and movement of separates. Finish with sweet sheer thigh highs – the vibe is adorable, whimsical, cool and carefree all at once. 



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