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Exclusive Kickstarter Collection 2016

Yes, these are new styles. And yes, you're reading those prices right.

**Heads up! All of these styles are EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE as rewards when you back our Kickstarter collection. Please go ahead and enjoy browsing them here. Then, when you're ready to buy, pledge to the Kickstarter by clicking the Shop button and following the instructions there!** 

You have to back our Kickstarter this month if you want to get in on these styles (and, of course, the prices!) They will not be available at any other time, at any other price, anywhere else. 

Ships Next Day items ordered by 12/22 will ship before 12/23. After 12/22, they will ship January 2nd.
The production schedule for Made to Order items will resume in January! Place your order now to be at the top of our production queue.

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