About the Crystal Harness Collection

Behind the Stones:

Our crystal supplier sources beautiful specimens from around the globe, then meticulously hand-sorts the collection so that we receive lovely, high-quality pieces. The hardware is installed in the United States, then the jewelry is assembled with care in our Manhattan studio.
Clear quartz is the likely the most well-known geological formation known to humankind, also one of its most abundant crystals. It has fascinated various cultures through history and has been revered worldwide for its various properties -- its naturally intriguing crystal structure, the prismatic spectrum of visible light it captures in its points. Many call it the "master healer," and believe it clears and energizes each of the chakras, elevating a wearer's positive energy. Whatever the case, it's hard to wear a piece without feeling the calm of good vibes. We use both Lemurian quartz from Brasil as well as pristine clear quartz from Madagascar in our body chains, harnesses, and jewelry.
Amethyst has been one of the most beloved semi-precious stones throughout the ages, appreciated for its stunning crystal structure and vibrant range of color. The color of royalty, it was loved throughout history, believed to have metaphysical properties of healing mental wounds and helping the wearer access the divine. It is said to be a talisman of protection, as well as a stone of clarity, creativity, and calm.


Rose quartz is a gentle and beautiful stone, featuring a color range of milky white to soft pink. It is said to be a stone of compassion and universal love, inspiring beauty and the instinct of people to nurture each other.




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