Before you order - sizing, custom orders & more

What's your size range for bralettes?

For our handmade bralettes, we currently offer band sizes from 28 through 42 and cup sizes A-G! If your size is outside of those, or if you have other special fit concerns, we also offer free custom sizing. 

Should I order the bra size I normally do with other brands?

Maybe, maybe not. We use a different sizing system than most other American lingerie brands. It's also slightly different from UK sizing. We created our sizing system to ensure that your bralette is snug enough to truly support you, and we design and grade our sizes to work with those numbers. With all that in mind, we recommend resizing yourself in our system for the most accurate, comfy, and confident feel. Follow our simple two-step measuring system over at our size chart to check what your size is!

Your size chart gave me a different size than I'm used to wearing...what do I order?

Don't panic! Our sizing system has been designed to give you the most supportive fit possible, so it uses your true underbust measurement rounded to the next even number. The band of your bralette adds the most support, so it needs to be snugly fit to work properly. We find this system helps us fit our styles so that they'll have the best support and greatest longevity. Other brands, especially ones that only carry limited sizes, may round your underbust differently. 

We design our styles accordingly with our sizing system, so we highly recommend using the number our chart gives you. If you want to double check or if you normally wear something very different, you can always send us an email or chat! Our fit specialists will know what size to put to you in.

Do you REALLY go up to those sizes? How is that going to work for me with no underwire? Can I really wear your stuff if I'm ___ size? Will it actually be supportive?

Yes, we do, and yes, you definitely can! Our bralettes are not like any of the other soft styles you've seen before. We specially engineered and designed them to work for a wider range of sizes. Our founder came up with a special method for making them work, and that innovation is currently patent-pending. Every detail of our styles is synchronized to distribute support evenly and comfortably. You can learn more about all the different levels of support we offer through our styles (and how they work) over at our Support & Fit page. 

What's your size range for everything else?

Our sizing for handmade panties, camis, bodychains and loungewear goes from XS through XL, and as of this year, we are working to add 2XL and 3XL throughout our range. Just like our bralettes, these styles are also available in custom sizing if your size isn't available. Totally free, no extra charge, just adds a little wait time as we make your order.

A small percentage of our loungewear and a handful of panty styles are made in Brooklyn at a factory we work with, so it doesn't currently have the same size range as the rest of our items. These sizes are only available in whatever stock we have, usually S/M/L, sometimes XS or XL. For the panties, reach out to us & we will let you know of handmade alternatives to those styles that can be made in any size!

Occasionally, we also sell some curated vintage, assorted stock, and roulette-style packs of items. The listed sizes for these items depend on what stock we already have ready-to-ship from our studio, and availability will vary accordingly. Many of our vintage styles are one-of-a-kind and one size only, hand-altered using our materials. If you're in love with something OOAK that isn't your size, reach out to us about a bespoke order!

How do I order a custom size? Does custom sizing cost extra? 

You can ALWAYS order a custom size, free of charge, for any size at all, for any of our handmade to order items. These include almost all of our bralettes, panties & camis, and other select loungewear pieces. You'll know if something is available for custom sizing when you check the size options -- the buttons or the dropdown menu will have listed sizes plus "Custom Sizing Available." (Check we don't already have your size!)

To place an order for a custom size, just select "Custom Size" for all size options, and continue shopping as usual. When you finish shopping and click on your cart -- the page right before you check out -- you'll have the opportunity to leave a comment. Let us know your sizing considerations or include your measurements either in that box or in an email after you check out. We'll email you if we need anything else!

If the Custom Size option isn't available at checkout, it generally means that we don't have the materials or stock of that style anymore to accommodate any sizes that are not listed. You can always email us to see what we can do instead!

Please note that custom orders may take slightly longer than orders for our ranged sizes. There is some extra work involved -- we may need to regrade patterns or make small design adjustments based on your needs! We ask that you allow 3-4 weeks for us to ship your order (though they may ship much faster, depending on our order queue!)

Can I get the style I want in a different color? / Do you take requests for designs or bespoke requests?

We do offer custom colorways! We can make items in a different color than we currently offer them in depending on what materials we have available. This service costs just $30 on the base price of the item. Please send an email first to info@uyesurana.com to confirm that we have the colors you'd like, and we'll direct you on how to place your order. Note that custom colorways may have a different turnaround time depending on the requested color!

We do offer bespoke services, as well as bridal bespoke & reclamation of older materials or heirloom fabrics. Head to our bespoke page for more information -- learn how to get a quote & start your custom process with our designer!

I'm not from the U.S., what's the currency/exchange rate?

Click the handy menu at the top of our site to switch between USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, EUR, and SGD. If you're shopping in a different currency, please find an updated rate at this calculator!

Brand Basics

What's Uye Surana?

We're an independent lingerie brand based in a small studio in NYC, where we delicately create all of our dreamy things by hand. We're best known for our supportive bralettes -- they're specially engineered and design to fit everyone (yes, everyone!) We also make other lingerie, clothing, jewelry, beauty products, & more!

Our founder & designer, Monica Wesley, started Uye Surana in 2013, on a journey to make lingerie more comfortable, feminine and beautiful. Read more about our story here.

How do you pronounce Uye Surana? Where does the name come from?

The name is pronounced "yoo suh-RAH-nah." Our founder, Monica Wesley, wanted to come up with a name for her brand that honored her mixed Japanese and European ancestry, so she combined syllables from her family names. We like that the name of the brand sounds like its own playful personality -- we think lingerie should let people dream themselves up!

Who are you?

This company was founded by Monica Wesley in 2013. She designs our styles and also produces most styles by hand. Since then, our small team has grown to include about five people throughout the year. Read more about Monica & the rest of our team here.

What's the little symbol in your logo?

That's the Little House. It's a sketch that Monica designed prior to founding the brand that looks like -- you guessed it -- a friendly little house. It works for U.S., because lingerie is where your body should feel most at home!


Shipping Questions

Where do you ship to? How much does shipping cost?

We ship worldwide! Our shipping rates vary depending on two things: where you are, and what kind of shipping delivery you'd like.

Standard US shipping is $5 for orders under $75 and free for orders over $75!

US express shipping and all international shipping rates are discounted for all orders over $75. International orders over $150 ship free! Check our shipping page for exact prices & delivery estimates, plus any seasonal or limited edition offers we may have on shipping. 

Customers with a shipping address in New York and New Jersey have the ability to select Studio Pickup instead of shipping. This means we'll email you when your order is ready, and you can come pick it up at our studio. Studio Pickup is always free (and a great way to check out our workspace, plus browse your next purchase in person...)

How quickly do things ship?

Most of our items are handmade to order, so they go through a small production window before shipping as we create them, sew them by hand and pack them for you! Our handmade process usually takes just a few business days, though it can take as little as just one (if you get lucky) or up to ten (if we're busy!) We know that might be slower than you're used to if you shop from big stores online, but we're proud to have one of the smallest shipping windows around for handmade to order lingerie. We work really hard to get things to you as fast as we can!

Once we're all done and ready to ship your items out, it's up to the post office and the shipping level you ordered! When we ship your items, you'll get a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number so you can stay on top of it. Standard US shipping takes 2-5 business days, so it will take somewhere between 4 days and around 2 weeks for you to receive your order once you place it. We also offer expedited shipping options. 

I placed two orders, can I ship them together?

That depends on where they both are in production. Send us an email at info@uyesurana.com and we'll help you figure it out!

I think my order got lost in the mail.

Don't panic! First step, check any areas where the delivery person may have left your package -- your lobby, front airlock, mailroom, porch, doorman, neighbor, etc. Still can't find it? We highly recommend checking with your local post office ASAP if you believe something is wrong with your tracking number, or if the tracking information is marked as "delivered" but you have not received your package. Your post office will have a much better idea of where your package might be than we do all the way here in New York! Aside from that, please send us an email at info@uyesurana.com -- we're happy to provide moral support & help you figure out what to do if your package is still missing.

Do you pay for international duties? Can you mark my package as a gift/at a lower value?

We can't pay for international duties, customs, or other charges that are levied on a package once it's been shipped out. Due to legal restrictions, we cannot mark your package incorrectly. We recommend you take a look at estimated customs charges for your region before ordering. Thanks for understanding!

After you place your order

How and when is my lingerie made?

We are a small team working from a studio and creating everything in-house. When you order from us, your package isn't coming from a factory or a warehouse where it's been sitting with a bunch of stock -- it's being carefully handcrafted with love and attentiveness, delicately made just for you. (We do have some stock prepared and ready to ship, but those pieces have been handmade here as well.)

As soon as your order is placed with us here, we organize it into our production queue! Each item is "batched" in the queue by a combination of order date, colorway, and style (in that order), and each one is lovingly & meticulously cut, sewn, and made by hand before we pack it and ship it right from our studio. This queue is carefully organized so that our work moves smoothly and everyone gets their lingerie as quickly as possible!

Our orders make it through the queue in 1-10 business days -- one of the shortest production windows for made-to-order lingerie that you can find anywhere!

I need something quickly. What should I do?

Lucky for you, select styles and sizes are available for next-day shipping or faster shipping in our Ready to Ship collection! You could also go with a gift card if you need a quick gift.

Ready to Ship or Ships Next Business Day marked on an item or size means they will ship the business day after the order is placed.

Faster Shipping means the item is still handmade to order but is currently in expedited production and will ship more quickly than other styles!

I entered something wrong at checkout!

Please send an email to info@uyesurana.com as soon as you realize! We may be able to solve the problem the sooner we know about the mistake. 

After you receive your order

How do I care for my lingerie?

Uye Surana lingerie features materials that are functional and sturdy through every day wear, but they also require mindful care for delicates. To preserve them for as long as possible, and to help them retain all of their functional properties, we recommend caring for them according to these instructions.

Hand washing

The best way to keep the laces and mesh in our designs healthy, fresh, pretty, functional, and protected from fraying or snagging is to hand-wash them. 

Many of our colors are dyed in-house using specialty techniques. To preserve the colors and prevent wash-out or staining, always color separate your lingerie, wash with like colors, and don't use hot water. Use a gentle detergent, preferably one formulated for delicates. (Make sure it doesn't have whitening agents or bleach -- including oxygenated bleach -- unless you're cleaning one of our Infinite White colorways.) 

Agitate the water and use plunging motions to wash your delicates. To remove water when finished, simply squeeze your garments gently. Be sure to avoid wringing or rubbing motions -- this can affect the elastics' ability to retain their shape. Lay your items flat to dry on a towel.

If you need to iron a piece, use the lowest steam setting on your iron (or the nylon setting if provided.) You can also simply spritz areas of the garment with water using a spray bottle. With the garment damp/spritzed, you can gently stretch any area that needs shaping, pressing it flat. This is an easy way to straighten and smooth lace!

Dry cleaning

Caring for our garments by hand is preferable to dry cleaning, but we know customers have different preferences. If you'd like to get your Uye Surana lingerie dry cleaned, we recommend letting the dry cleaners know that your items may be at risk for snagging when put in a machine. Ask if they're able to treat delicates by hand instead.

Other methods

Using hot water or putting your garments in a machine can damage them, cause issues with our dye techniques, cause the functional elastics to warp or loose stretch, or damage lace. Be sure to follow our instructions above to help keep your intimates last as long as possible! Never put any lingerie in a tumble dry machine, and keep them away from washing machines if you don't want to distort their shape or materials. If you MUST put your lingerie through a washing machine cycle, always use a delicates bag and be sure to wash with like colors only. 


Store Uye Surana bralettes flat stacked on top of each other or nestled behind each other. 

How long will my lingerie last?

Properly cared-for Uye Surana lingerie should last at least a year, and can easily last several years. This depends on how carefully they're taken care of and how often they're worn. However, many wearers find that their bra size fluctuates more frequently than that. Be sure to re-measure yourself frequently to ensure that the garments you own for daily wear still provide you with the best possible fit. Remember that snug elastics are essential to a proper bralette fit. If you notice the elastics have gotten much looser over time, check the fit and change strap tightness or hook placement accordingly. If you can't adjust further, it's time for a new bralette!

How do I know if my bralette fits me properly?

The most important factor: it should feel comfortable! The bralette that's the right size for you will feel comfortable and supportive after you follow the steps below to put it on. 

The band should feel firm but not restrictive. On the first few wears, the band may feel tight and you may need to wear it on the outermost hook. After it's worn in a little, you should wear it on the middle hook. The straps should be tightened or loosened enough so that the cup seems filled and supportive. The instructions below include a few more signs of how to improve your bralette fit!

How do I put on my lingerie properly?

Making sure that your bralette is on correctly can actually really affect the fit and support level, as well as the longevity of the garment! There's just a couple steps to follow. Read below or watch our video here.

1) Place your arms through the straps and clasp the hook-backs behind you. If you can't reach behind you, it's okay to hook the clasp on in front and spin it around, but you should never lift a clasped band around your head and shoulders. Lifting it over your head will stretch out the elastic too much! For racerbacks, you can lift your arms through the straps while keeping the band unclasped.

2) Fit Note! The first few times that you put on your bralette, you'll probably notice it's a little snug. Until the elastics relax to your shape, you should be wearing It on the outermost hook. After that initial period as the elastics get used to your body, you will probably spend most of your bralette's lifetime wearing it on the middle hook. If the band looses elasticity over time, you can then move on in to the innermost hook. Don't worry if your bralette looks small when it's laying down flat or not on your body -- they're designed to have a lot of stretch and recovery, which provides the optimal support level for you. 

3) Next, you'll need to adjust the cups so that they're fully encompassing all of your breast tissue. Take the bottom of the cups and gently pull them underneath your breasts. After this, bend over slightly and grab the band again with one hand. Using the other hand, “swoop” all the tissue from the side of your ribcage to the front of your breast into the cup. Repeat for both cups. Depending on your shape, you may also find it easier to take a minute to “scoop” yourself more into the center of the cup. Both of these motions help unsure that everything that needs to be supported by the band is snug in the cup. Go ahead and adjust any of the lace or straps that may have gotten tousled in this process.

4) Finally, you'll want to take a look and see if you need to tighten the straps. Without tightening, the cup might seem too big or less supportive, depending on your shape. You'll be able to tell you need tighter straps if any of the following occur:

a – The cups look like they need more lift from the top or have extra room, even if they're well supported from the bottom.

b – If your shoulders look like they're tensing up, this is either a sign that you can sister size down in the band, or could be that you just need to tighten the straps. Everyone's shape is different, and some people find they need tighter straps just because of their breast shape or because they have narrower shoulders.

A new bralette should normally have the straps tightened somewhere between the loosest fit and halfway through. As the elastic ages, you might need to tighten them more than you used to. Uye Surana strap sliders can be adjusted along the full length of the strap, allowing for a more versatile fit and a longer lifetime. 

How often should I wear my lingerie?

Rotate through your favorite pieces and give them at least two days "off" before wearing them again! This will help them retain their shape.

I need an exchange / something's up with my order!

No problem! We'll help you work it out. Please send an email to customerservice@uyesurana.com and we'll walk you through what to do.

When you exchange an item, you have the option to exchange for a different size, a style of equal value, or credit towards a different purchase. Your first exchange with us is always free, and includes some time to consult with our fit specialists via email on how to correct the fit, what size is right for you, or what to exchange for. It's very rare for us to get a request for a second exchange, but if you need one, please be aware that we may ask you to cover a portion of the shipping cost depending on the issue. We recommend following the advice of our fit specialists as closely as possible when ordering. After confirming your size, we will issue a shipping label for you. Items must be in unaltered and unused condition!

We can't accept returns on certain items, but we can accept exchanges instead. These items include all panties, all handmade to order items, custom orders, and sale items. They can be exchanged for a different size (stock allowing) or store credit for uyesurana.com instead. 

Please be sure to initiate an exchange with us within 14 days of receiving your order -- because of the nature of handmade & intimate items, we may not accept exchanges outside of that window. Any returned items must be postmarked or in the mail within 21 days of the date you received our items. For items eligible for return, and for full instructions and terms, please see our Store Policy. 







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