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Exclusive KICKSTARTER Collection — NOW LIVE

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If you've ever worn a bra at any point in your life, you've probably experienced one of the following:

  • straps digging or slipping
  • pinchy underwire or aching ribs
  • mysterious back or shoulder pain
  • the desire to rip off your bra the second you get home
But going without, you feel self-conscious. Maybe you've tried a bralette, but the small/medium/large sizing didn't work so well for your shape. Perhaps you've looked at bralettes (and their effortless glamour) longingly, but assumed you could never wear one. Maybe you love sleeping in bralettes, but don't feel you can wear one out of the house.
Our mission at Uye Surana is to put an end to all of that and bring joy and comfort back to lingerie by bringing more people supportive bralettes. This fall, help support us so we can support you.

Why do Uye Surana bralettes work?

They're packed with luxury details and technical features, crafted to give every body comfort, lift, and a relaxed fit.

  • band/cup sizing to fit YOUR specific body type, available in a core selection of band sizes 28-38 and cups A-G, plus free custom sizing & personalized fit advice
  • fully adjustable straps & hook-back closures – essentials from traditional bra design that keep elastic strong and supportive through prolonged, everyday wear
  • clever, innovative, and expertly applied shapes and silhouettes to achieve different styles and levels of fit, lift, and support, depending on your needs
  • meticulously cut luxe laces (sourced locally & manufactured in the US) and layered, airy fabrics – breathable mesh, silks hand-dyed in-house, and more
  • sustainably made, conscious construction with the kind of attention to detail only achievable by handmaking lingerie

As we grow and bring better bralettes to everyone, we need support from you. We love handcrafting our bralettes one-by-one -- it's what enables us to really perfect the fit and give excellent customer service for each and every person who discovers us. To keep up the meticulous level of craftsmanship & service we love to provide, we need to expand our super-small and efficient production team. By purchasing from our exclusive Kickstarter collection, you'll help us to keep our production in-house from our studio at reasonable prices so we can keep creating bralettes the way we know works best for U.S. and you.

Why you should back U.S.

Same great design, same exceptional quality, exclusive new styles that are on average $20 off of our usual prices! Kickstarter backers only will be receiving more special treats, extra rewards and unique opportunities even just during the campaign, and long after for sure.  We can't give away every surprise, but even after this campaign is over, any customer who's also backed our Kickstarter is going to receive early access features and discounts totally exclusive to them (hint: you will be receiving a coupon for anything you desire on www.uyesurana.com).  By supporting us now, you'll be helping us have more time to come up with more new, cool things!  There's plenty of details over at the campaign, but we'll be able to design more styles at a wider range of price points with this funding, evolve our size range, shorten our shipping window & tons more. 

How to shop on Kickstarter

Kickstarter isn't like shopping on an online store. If you want more than one item, you can either redeem the reward level where both items are included, or add-on items by increasing your pledge amount. There's instructions on how to do this in our campaign, or you can email us or chat us on our website if you need help & we'll walk you through it! 

You won't be charged at all by Kickstarter until November 17th, our funding deadline. This means it's better to pledge now even if you think that you may need to edit your pledge amount later. If you pledge early, you'll have access to all of the special deals and limited edition offers we'll be announcing throughout our campaign! The earlier you pledge, the better.

You won't be asked for color, sizing, shipping and add-on info until after the campaign is over, via email. So don't panic if you never get a chance to select it -- that's how it works! We'll grab all that from you after the campaign is over.

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