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Photography Internship at Uye Surana -- Spring, Summer, or Fall Semester

Photography internships at Uye Surana take place in our design studio, where you'll work intimately with us on producing vivid and beautiful imagery for our brand's social channels. Our ideal candidate is organized, creative, and energetic about their work. You'll have an understanding of our brand's aesthetic inside and out, and you'll be absolutely in love with creating and refining inspiring images. Experience with taking consistent images and having timely editing skills are a definite plus. Throughout this internship, you will have learned skills regarding concept planning, image styling and execution. You'll also build a versatile portfolio of commercial work as well as mood-oriented, brand-building images, including creative flatlays as well as images on a model. Finally, you’ll have learned more about everything production entails, from scene setting to directing models to editing images cohesively and beautifully -- basically, you'll know all about how to take an idea from your camera, to a set, to a final product.

This is an ideal position for a candidate pursuing photography, with a strong interest in fashion, who appreciates the idea of working intimately with a small, growing brand on various tasks and building their portfolio with a variety of web-ready images. An ideal commitment for this internship is 2 days a week. We offer a daily stipend and school credit.


  • ~2 years experience shooting DSLR
  • Observant, good eye for detail
  • Lots of interest in current trends in fashion & lifestyle imagery
  • Comfort with Photoshop & strong, consistent image-editing skills
  • Creative, resourceful, and energetic


  • Arranging, styling & shooting outfit flats for social
  • Shooting & directing images on a model for digital channels
  • Editing & organizing photos
  • Collaborating on visual inspiration & creative direction

Apply Now

  • Please include a brief cover letter in the body of your email.
  • Submit your resume as an attachment.
  • Definitely include links to your portfolio, Instagram, or other examples of your work that you feel are relevant to us -- remember to check out our Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest to get an idea!
  • Send to info@uyesurana.com!


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