Moisturizing Multi-Use Floral Perfume Rollerball Three-pack 🌟Ships Next Day🌟

10mL Rollerball
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Our floral perfumes are handmade in NYC from real ingredients -- nourishing oils, real flowers and natural materials, with a secret blend of aromatherapeutic scents curated by us.

Unlike other perfumes that dry you out, we create our formulas with a lush oil base, so they actually moisturize your skin wherever you like to apply your scent. This means you can actually apply the perfume all over your body & hair to freshen with scent and moisture. They are all delicately handmade right in our NYC studio. 

This three-pack of our beloved scents includes one 10mL rollerball of each. The containers are made of durable glass - easy to slip into your purse or pocket, doubles as perfume and moisturizer! It's also beautiful to display -- each bottle contains real flower petals suspended inside. This set is limited-edition for the holiday season, so each perfume comes individually gift wrapped. You can gift each one to a friend, gift the whole set to someone special, or enjoy them yourself! 

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She Who Rose was the first scent we ever created! Inspired by the goddess of universal love, Venus, this perfume is a romantic blend of sweet scents. It's calm, pleasant, and wears well all day.

This perfume uses a base of sweet almond oil, revered for its many beneficial uses for skin & hair. Rich in vitamins A & E and completely safe and healthy to reapply throughout the day. Contains 100% pure oil of rosa damascena, along with a blend of some other sweet scents, including vanilla and a hint of geranium. 


This soothing blend of calming scents instantly relaxes us. Keep a drop on your wrist to banish nerves and anxiety during your day, or apply before bed to help get into a dreamy state of mind before sleep.

Sweet Dreams uses a base of infamously nutritious coconut oil, beloved for its many beneficial uses for skin & hair. Lots of vitamin E and other delicious compounds gives your skin a healthy glow and is completely safe to reapply throughout the day. Ultra-calming scents of lavender and clary sage permeate this perfume -- one whiff and we're instantly relaxed. Build with a spicier or sharper scent for a luxe, romantic combination.


We created Lucky Star to be a unisex, universal scent that's perfect for any day and any situation. The fresh blend of scents is gentle, yet energizing. Layers well with other scents and adds a woodsy base. We love to wear this during the day and layer higher notes of feminine scents on top of it. Lucky Star uses a base of sweet almond oil, revered for its many beneficial uses for skin & hair. Rich in vitamins A & E and completely safe and healthy to reapply throughout the day. Scent: rich, yet fresh and appealing at the base, with notes of revitalizing black tea, bergamot citrus, and clean ylang ylang -- a universal, easy-to-wear perfume. 



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