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Sweet Dreams Moisturizing Floral Perfume - 10mL or 1oz 💜Ships Next Day💜

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Our floral perfumes are handmade in NYC from real ingredients -- nourishing oils, real flowers and natural ingredients, with a secret blend of aromatherapeutic scents curated by us.

You'll understand the appeal of Sweet Dreams once you smell it. This soothing blend of calming scents instantly relaxes us. Keep a drop on your wrist to banish nerves and anxiety during your day, or apply before bed to help get into a dreamy state of mind before sleep. 

  • Unlike other perfumes that dry you out, we create our formulas with a lush oil base, so they actually moisturize your skin wherever you like to apply your scent. 
  • Sweet Dreams uses a base of infamously nutritious coconut oil, beloved for its many beneficial uses for skin & hair. Lots of vitamin E and other delicious compounds gives your skin a healthy glow and is completely safe to reapply throughout the day.
  • Ultra-calming scents of lavender and clary sage permeate this perfume -- one whiff and we're instantly relaxed. Build with a spicier or sharper scent for a luxe, romantic combination.
  • Delicately handmade in our NYC studio
  • Ships next day when ordered alone or with other Ready to Ship styles!


    • A convenient 10mL rollerball size made of durable glass slips easily into your purse or pocket. Doubles as your perfume and moisturizer!
    • Pretty glass bottle with easy-to-use pipette holds 1oz of perfume, is reusable, and looks like a pretty decoration on your shelf.

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