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How to care for your lingerie

How do I care for my lingerie?

Uye Surana lingerie features materials that are functional and sturdy through every day wear, but they also require mindful care for delicates. To preserve them for as long as possible, and to help them retain all of their functional properties, we recommend caring for them according to these instructions.

Hand washing

The best way to keep the laces and mesh in our designs healthy, fresh, pretty, functional, and protected from fraying or snagging is to hand-wash them. 

Many of our colors are dyed in-house using specialty techniques. To preserve the colors and prevent wash-out or staining, always color separate your lingerie, wash with like colors, and don't use hot water. Use a gentle detergent, preferably one formulated for delicates. (Make sure it doesn't have whitening agents or bleach -- including oxygenated bleach -- unless you're cleaning one of our Infinite White colorways.) 

Agitate the water and use plunging motions to wash your delicates. To remove water when finished, simply squeeze your garments gently. Be sure to avoid wringing or rubbing motions -- this can affect the elastics' ability to retain their shape. Lay your items flat to dry on a towel.

If you need to iron a piece, use the lowest steam setting on your iron (or the nylon setting if provided.) You can also simply spritz areas of the garment with water using a spray bottle. With the garment damp/spritzed, you can gently stretch any area that needs shaping, pressing it flat. This is an easy way to straighten and smooth lace!

Dry cleaning

Caring for our garments by hand is preferable to dry cleaning, but we know customers have different preferences. If you'd like to get your Uye Surana lingerie dry cleaned, we recommend letting the dry cleaners know that your items may be at risk for snagging when put in a machine. Ask if they're able to treat delicates by hand instead.

Other methods

Using hot water or putting your garments in a machine can damage them, cause issues with our dye techniques, cause the functional elastics to warp or loose stretch, or damage lace. Be sure to follow our instructions above to help keep your intimates last as long as possible! Never put any lingerie in a tumble dry machine, and keep them away from washing machines if you don't want to distort their shape or materials. If you MUST put your lingerie through a washing machine cycle, always use a delicates bag and be sure to wash with like colors only. 


Store Uye Surana bralettes flat stacked on top of each other or nestled behind each other.