At Uye Surana we believe the means matter.

Monica Wesley

That’s why we’re peeling back the curtain on our production process so you can know WHO and HOW your lingerie is made.

Keep scrolling to take a peek at the people and processes behind every garment.

Ethical Production

Many hours go into making delicate yet functional lingerie, and we believe that everyone should be treated fairly during the process.

That's why we've partnered with a small, family-owned & operated factory in Colombia that follows ethical manufacturing guidelines to ensure the working condition are safe & comfortable and employees are paid a fair wage.

A selection of styles are also printed in our NYC studio.

Reduced-Waste Printing

All of our prints are ethically hand-printed in our NYC studio.

Traditional dying processes takes a heavy toll on our waterways. But our printed styles use a technology that allows us to transfer prints without the use of water and excess dyes.

We also use durable anti-rip material, so prints are protected against rips and runs.

Longer-Life Lingerie

longer life lingerie

Your lingerie is made in small batches, so no style is overproduced.

And unlike other brands, our bralettes and wireless bras are fully-adjustable, so you can enjoy them for their full lifespan. We also use durable anti-rip material in our prints and stockings so your styles last longer.

Recycled Packaging

recycled packaging

Shipping materials add to the environmental impact of any online purchase. We minimize this cost by prioritizing 100% recycled mailers, boxes, and tissue paper.

Commitment to Transparency 

Behind the scenes

The work to better our production processes and reduce our carbon footprint never ends.  But we’re committed to always improving, so you can wear your values.

If you have any questions about your garment’s journey to your door, please send us an email at We’ll get back to you soon!