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Size Chart & Fit Guide

Bralette Sizing Guide (scroll down for clothes!)

Uye Surana Bralette Size Chart

How to Measure Your Bralette Size

Bralettes require a snug-fitting band -- that's the part of the garment that does the work of supporting the weight of the cup. We prefer to use your actual underbust measurement (or nearest even number rounding up) as your band size. This means you might be ordering a different size than you're used to purchasing in traditional bra sizes.
  • To start, make sure you have a measuring tape or piece of string and a ruler. Make sure you aren't wearing a bra or bralette when you begin to measure yourself.
  • Measure right underneath your breasts, where you usually wear the band of your bra, and write it down. Be sure to breathe normally and leave a little room for comfort. This is your underbust measurement.
  • Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your bust measurement. (You may want to take this measurement three times -- while standing, leaning over, and lying down -- and then average them to find a more accurate number.)
  • Subtract your underbust measurement from your bust measurement. This number will help determine your cup size. 
  • Using the chart above, locate your underbust measurement (or next even number) on the leftmost column. This number is your band size.
  • Moving right along the chart, find the number of inches between your underbust and bust measurements. They correlate to letters. Match the letter with your band size -- this size should fit you best in Uye Surana bralettes. You can may also like the fit of other sizes with the same color background -- see below. 
  • If you prefer a more relaxed fit or a more generous band, you may want to consider "sister sizing" up in the band and down in the cup. (IE, 32C -> 34B.) (Though we also want to remind you that bralettes' elastic does relax with time, so expect the first time you try one on to have the tightest fit!) Sister sizing up may not work as well for people with wider-set breasts.
  • If your size isn't listed here, we can custom size your order for you! Please email info@uyesurana.com so we can confirm your measurements. Then, feel free to select Custom Size at checkout. A few notes:
    • Custom sizing does not cost extra -- we are happy to provide you with options & work with you on your preferred fit. However, there is a longer turnaround time for custom orders. We ask that you give us up to 4 weeks to ship your order. 
    • Custom sizing is only available on Made to Order items. You can always email us to double check whether an item is available. 
    • Please only move through checkout after emailing us your measurements!

International Band Size Conversion Chart for Bralettes


Clothing, Loungewear & Panty Size Chart

Please refer to the sizing guide to make sure you're referencing the correct measurements! Bust refers to your bust at its fullest point, waist refers to your natural waist, and hips also should be measured at the widest point. Need help with sizing or between sizes? Send us a chat or email info@uyesurana.com -- we are ALWAYS happy to help you determine the right size or fit, or work out a custom solution. 
  • Please use this as a guideline to finding your size -- all three measurements may not match exactly, and that's okay! Feel free to send us a chat or email if you're confused about which size to order.
  • All sizes are true-to-size unless stated differently in the listing. 
  • Any measurements noted in the listing are the actual measurements of the garment. 
  • Per garment size, the measurements increase 2"/size for width & .5"/size for length.
  • Don't see your size here or listed available on a garment? Talk to us about custom sizing! Email info@uyesurana.com.

Hosiery Size Chart


Sizing FAQs:

  • Does your waist measurement come out to one size, but hips come out to another? No problem -- as a general rule, go with your hip measurement when ordering panties. 
  • Are you between sizes or does the chart say you can fit two different ones? That's okay -- choose the smaller size. Most of our garments are very elastic with a lot of stretch, so you should find the smaller size most comfortable over time.
  • Any questions about a specific fit or which size to order? Click our chat window (in the corner of your screen), send us an email, or call us. We're at our phone and chat window weekdays from 11-7, and return all other email and chat inquiries within 24 hours.
Custom sizing:  Email info@uyesurana.com.

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    We've got you covered.

    Get 10% off your first purchase when you join our mailing list!