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Article: Halloween Costumes Idea you can DIY

Halloween Costumes Idea you can DIY

Halloween Costumes Idea you can DIY

Still wondering what to be for Halloween? We've kept things simple and fun with our favorite illusion print stockings. By pairing our stocking with easy and DIY solutions for Halloween costumes that are sure to turn heads, incorporating our lingerie, stockings or items you may already own.

Magic mushrooms 

Our fan favorite Magical Mushrooms Stockings are simple to dress up with lots of options. Make it a full look and go as a magic mushrooms. You can complete the set with your own DIY mushroom cap and either an ivory colored dress (to emulate the base of a mushroom) or better yet, wear a full polka-dot dress to make it extra magical.

How to DIY your mushroom cap

1) Find beret (or better yet use your own beret). 

2) Trace circles onto sticker paper or regular paper and back it with tape or a glue stick. 

Tip: If you're looking for a more permanent option, you can trace circles over felt and use iron-on adhesive. All materials (except the beret) should be at your local craft store.

3) Apply as you please to your beret! Add a few or a lot of circles to your beret. Really this is up to you, so have as much fun as you like with it. We also recommend using two different sizes of circles to vary the cap.

Shop Magical Mushroom Stockings and get more mushroom Cottagecore ideas here.

Bat Girl 

This one is really simple to DIY. Who doesn't have black clothing already in their wardrobe?

You can also complete this look with our Bats in Belfry Stockings and add our Sheerly Range for a sexy lingerie costume.


For Medusa you can either adorn your head with a crown of snakes, snake themed jewelry or even braid your hair in sections for a DIY snake-inspired hairstyle.

Wear a roman inspired dress in ivory, black, or emerald and consider pairing it with styles from our Copperhead Snake Printed range for an extra deadly, yet sexy lingerie Halloween costume.

Butterfly Fairy Costume

Butterflies are forever a fun costume. Whether you choose to dress up in our Butterfly Dreams lingerie for a special occasion or add a fairy-inspired Cottagecore dress and wings, you can't go wrong with a butterfly themed Halloween costume.

 Shop All Halloween Themed Lingerie Costume Ideas

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