Avamarie Shares Her Breast Cancer Story: How She's Changing the Narrative it Plays on Her Body Image

Our bodies are beautiful and strong. They are a reflection of the journey that we've been through. Even if that road may be far from easy, we love how the power that lingerie has on one's self-love journey. 

We sat down for a boudoir photoshoot with Avamarie, a retired model who is battling stage four breast cancer. We had a few questions for Avamarie.

Monica from Uye Surana: "How has breast cancer changed your body image?"

Avamarie: "Learning of my breast cancer diagnosis, my first thought was 'what will I look like throughout this process?' as i twirled my waist-length hair."

"Being completely bald and having a port in my chest forced me to look at myself differently and learn to embrace and love what I saw in the mirror, and redefine my definition of beauty."

Monica from Uye Surana: "Thank you so much for sharing that. It's very personal to share that I know. 

How does wearing Uye Surana lingerie make you feel? And what is your history or experience with wearing lingerie?"


"I wouldn’t say I have much experience with wearing lingerie. I remember wearing a matching bra & panty in my early 20s and thinking I was doing something."

"My partner likes to buy me the pieces with straps and strings, which over time made me curious to find my style."

"Wearing Uye Surana lingerie makes me feel extra beautiful — not just regular beautiful. The attention to detail makes me feel like I’m wearing an exclusive piece of art and my body is the canvas." 

If you'd like to donate to Avamarie's Breast Cancer Fund click here.

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