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Article: Nova Donnell Wants Us to Celebrate ALL Women

Nova Donnell Wants Us to Celebrate ALL Women

Nova Donnell Wants Us to Celebrate ALL Women

Nova's public position in the Trans community has always been an inspiration to U.S. Her positivity and uplifting voice cannot go unnoticed. We are so happy for her recently becoming legally recognized as Nova Donnell and to have her gender corrected as female on her ID & legal documents.
We celebrate her as a strong Black Trans woman today and everyday. Especially now as she proudly marches for racial justice.
Without Marsha P Johnson and Black LGBTQ+ people we would not have Pride as we know it today.
Read below as we ask Nova some questions!

What drew you to Uye Surana?

"I logged on to your site and the first thing I saw was someone who looks like me. Women are all so unique, from our skin color to the size of our hips, breasts and even our genitalia. It’s really important for me, being a trans woman of color, to feel seen & understood. I feel like Uye Surana sees us all."


How have images in the media influenced your perspective?

"When transitioning, one is in such a vulnerable place mentally. I remember seeing an article saying trans women were not sexually desirable, I just remember feeling so sad and discouraged that some could say this about trans women. But once I was able to move past that sadness, I told myself I would never let anything anyone says effect me like that again. After all I’ve worked so hard to get to this point in my life. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I can finally look in the mirror and see the woman I would picture in my head when I was a kid."


What is your personal experience with lingerie?

"I honestly try to avoid shopping for lingerie. I often find its built for specific body types. It’s kind of like the online Vs. reality memes , 9 times out of 10 I leave feeling discouraged. However when I do find something that I love wearing, I’m the girl at home watching nextflix in lingerie."



How does lingerie make you feel?

"Listen, If I don’t feel like Beyonce in the partition video when this lingerie is on my body then NEXT lol. But I will say wearing your lingerie makes me feel VERY sexy and empowered."


If you could tell a younger version of yourself something, what would it be? 

"I’m not one to talk about myself however I will say this, I honestly just want ALL women to be celebrated. Women are divine creatures. I notice sometimes how we can be our own worst enemies and it saddens me. If we can get past this competitive nature that has been ingrained into our heads, men wouldn’t stand a chance.

I want to challenge every woman to change their perspective. If you see another woman and you start to think something negative about her, stop yourself and actually try complimenting her. You never know what celebrating other women could do for you own self-esteem."


Shop Nova's look & follow her on Instagram.

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